Making Employee Engagement Fun & Rewarding

Understand, improve and engage your employees better with hassle-free employee engagement solutions through our Feet's mobile app.

What is Feet's?

We think of employee engagement like a dance backed by science. If you know it takes two to tango and you have two left feet, we are here to help you get back in step so your employees will stay in the dance for a longer time.


We hear and capture the thoughts of employees effectively.


We keep employees updated in a timely manner.


We connect with employees meaningfully.


We nurture a happier and more positive working environment.

Benefits of Using FEET'S

By educating employees of the company’s status as well as keeping them up-to-date with the latest on-going.
Feet's increases integration amongst employees and employers therefore creating better understanding and communication hence better productivity.
By collecting information from employees through the app, employers and managers are able to assess the overall organisation wellbeing and take necessary steps to improve this.
Through better engagement with employees, you're creating a culture where employees would want to work with you.
Lark combines a multitude of tools in a single interconnected platform, including Chat, Calendar, Creation and Cloud storage.

Brand Partnership & Sponsorship

We engage brands as partners where they will be providing rewards as incentives to nurture higher app engagement and activity.


Our Brand Partners

You want it, we've got it! We've intergrated with the below partners and more.


Badge and achievement centric mechanics to encourage interaction.


Incentives are given to acknowledge and recognize active employees.


Providing a common place for ideas to be shared amongst colleague peers.


Providing chat feature without the need of mobile number.


Creating a space to trade products or services including external vendors.

Polling System

Ability for everyone to vote for the greater ideas for the team.

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